Hey! I'm Travis, a Product Designer.

Leveraging over a decade of product design experience, I've learned unique skills to craft immersive user experiences, ensuring every product I design resonates seamlessly with its audience.

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Years of Experience
And I enjoy every single moment of it.
Industry Knowledge
User Research, Flows, Wireframes
Design Systems, Prototyping, Dev Specs
Class Graduate
Top of my class & best in show.

Lead Product Design

I can lead and execute the entire product design process including strategy, research, interaction design, visual design, and prototyping.


Meticulous attention to design detail, refining every pixel for a polished and professional look that fits perfectly into a product design system.


Weaving together visual elements, interactions, and user flows, I love telling the story of the design through the eyes of the user.

The Fastest Growing Gaming Social Network

Leading the design team at Mushroom.gg, I collaborated with a team of engineers and product leads to create a brand-new experience for gamers through innovative UI/UX and exciting, gamified features.

Live Streaming Show for Adobe

I had the awesome pleasure and experience of being one of Adobe's scheduled weekly live streamers when the new Creative section of Twitch.tv was launched. The show included several UI projects featuring Adobe's newly released program for web and app designers, Adobe XD.

A Creative Web Design for Content Creators

Nerd or Die first started working in the live streaming industry in 2014, with YouTube tutorials covering OBS and Streaming on Twitch. They've created free resources for streamers including a Twitch Panel Maker and Free Twitch Overlays & Alerts.

Going Beyond with D&D Beyond

How do you translate the amazing world of Dungeons & Dragons into a digital platform and mobile app? Lots and lots of Magic Missiles. Take a look at some of my favorite work when I lead the design of D&D Beyond.

The Learning Platform for Content Creators

Pipeline is an eLearning platform filled to the brim with awesome content for aspiring content creators. Lead by industry veterans StoneMountain64 and Snoopeh, we designed a platform including video content, quizzes, masterclasses, and more for the growing industry.

Branding for the Gaming Industry

A compilation of my favorite branding projects in the gaming industry. I've worked with clients including DrDisrespect, TSM Viss, LIRIK, TimTheTatman, M80, and hundreds of others.