Mushroom.gg is the fastest growing new social platform in gaming. In just over a year, they've built from 0 to nearly 1,000,000 daily active users and recently raised a $20M Series A to accelerate growth. Their mission is to unite the countless gaming worlds people inhabit, helping all find meaning in our digital lives through each other.

Combining the best parts of social networks and MMOs, mushroom.gg is building a next-generation social media product for gamers everywhere. Tools that make it easier than ever for gamers to create a digital identity, make their gameplay more social, and stay connected beyond the bounds of any one game.


While in the lead designer role at Mushroom, I collaborated with a team of engineers and product leads to create a brand-new experience for gamers through innovative UI/UX and exciting features. For the design and business to be successful, we had to tie together several unique features into a single app experience that felt like an extension to the games our users were already playing.

My responsibilities included:

  • Design the main branding, logo, style, etc.
  • Create a custom UI Design System for mushroom.gg
  • Establish UX patterns used throughout the app
  • Design mocks of several features in various screen sizes
  • Landing pages for lead-gen and marketing
  • Onboarding UI/UX for Discord Bot & new users
  • Collaborate with engineers & stakeholders, present & review designs
  • Interactive prototypes to showcase unique features & user actions
  • Various visual design including icons, ranks, awards, etc.
  • Create a system of design templates for marketing content


My time working with mushroom.gg resulted in hundreds of mocks. Here are some of my favorites.

Homepage Lander

Guild Discovery

Game Discovery

Guilds Landing Page

Onboarding the Mushroom Discord Bot

Home Feed

Guild Questing

Sending Coins Flow

Looking for Group (LFG) on a Game Page

Mushroom Store

Seller Dashboard

Pets in Store

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