Pipeline.gg offers unique value to content creators looking to break into the space through online education and high quality video tutorials. From the Pipeline website:

We believe that everyone has the ability to become a streamer and it’s not just reserved for the lucky few. As an industry, we do a great job of supporting the top 1% but not a great job of supporting those just starting out. We’re here to change that.


As the lead designer at Pipeline, I collaborated with engineers and product leads to create a never-before-seen product in the content creation space. My goal was to deliver an education platform design that was exciting, easy to use, and delivered high value to our customers.

My responsibilities included:

  • Create a custom UI Design System for Pipeline
  • Establish UX patterns used throughout
  • Design mocks of several features in various screen sizes
  • Landing pages for lead-gen and marketing
  • Onboarding UI/UX for new users
  • Collaborate with engineers & stakeholders, present & review designs
  • Interactive prototypes to showcase unique features & user actions
  • Create a system of design templates for marketing content


While designing the entire product experience, I established a design system of components and styles which you'll see used throughout all of the following mocks. By creating a system, it makes designing and developing future features easier by having set "guidelines" on how the product should look & feel.

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