Selected Branding

I've had the absolute pleasure of designing logos for hundreds of clients ranging from brand new start-ups to established brands looking for a fresh new look. My approach with any logo project is to define the goals, design potential directions, and then finalize and deliver a branding package that servers as the visual identity for years to come. Depending on your needs, I can design the logo as a standalone project or a full brand style guide kit that defined colors, type, spacing, usage, implementation examples, etc.

Here are some of my favorite logos I've designed over the years.

LIRIK Streamer

Misifts Esports Org

Nadeshot Logo

Champions Club Logo for DrDisRespect

KUIPUR Logo Design

TSM Viss Logo

The Unsteady Mascot Logo

Elevate Gaming Org

Sea Serpents Mascot Logo

100 Thieves Icon Design

Vigour Esports

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