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Designing a Digital Dungeons & Dragons Platform

When I was hired full-time as a designer back in 2016 at Curse, I had no idea that I'd be a part of something huge for the Tabletop Roleplaying Gaming industry. After about a year or so of working on websites like Hearthpwn, DiabloFans, Minecraft Forums, and other Curse properties, I was brought into a small team lead by Adam Bradford to start working on an industry first digital platform to support Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

While I've always been familiar with video games, I was completely new to tabletop gaming. With Adam DMing our team campaign at the office, I quickly learned the incredible opportunity that a digital platform could have on the complicated character creation process, spell management, etc. (my first character was a Half-Elf Wizard, and yes I learned Fireball as quick as possible)

From the very beginning of the designs to flying out to Seattle to meet with Wizards of the Coast (who now owns D&D Beyond), working on this product created some of my most cherished memories and some of my best friends.

Below is just a small compilation of the many designs I created while working on this amazing platform for an amazing community of players and fans.

Shameless, totally not modest fact: I came up with name D&D Beyond!