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A Creative Website for Content Creators

Nerd or Die first started working in the live streaming industry in 2014, with YouTube tutorials covering OBS and Streaming on Twitch. They've created free resources for streamers including a Twitch Panel Maker and Free Twitch Overlays & Alerts. This evolved into Premium stream assets and packages and has positioned into one of the top destinations for stream packages.

From Nerd or Die:

Nerd or Die means be yourself or nothing.

Our goal is to enable creators to share their passion and creativity with the rest of the world. When designing a new product, or talking about a new application, the first thing we consider is how to make it the best we can for our community. This principle echoes in our branding, which represents the collaboration between our community and us.

On live streaming and video-sharing platforms we believe that focusing on what makes you unique gives you the best opportunity to stand out, find your audience, and enjoy the content you’re producing.

My Role

Nerd or Die was seeking to tighten up their branding and create an updated website design with the following goals:

• Create a unified brandmark & typography
• Overall update to the UI
• Improve the main navigation
• Create a design system of UI components for various screens
• Establish the look & feel of Nerd or Die's web presence

I began by creating a new main navigation structure to help their audience find what they're looking for quickly. This also helps to inform a sitemap and what screens potentially need designed.

Next, the UI style guide and overall look & feel was created to support designing various pages including homepage, product page, check out, etc.

Using the established design styles and components, other screens and components were designed.

Additional Designs

I prepared all of these designs with interaction states (default, hover, enabled, etc.) and discussed implementation with the Nerd or Die team. I cleaned up the logo design and helped with a few other projects, like this Customizable Twitch Panels app on their website, social post examples, and more.