logo design

Your logo is the first impression people will have about you or your business and it's important to me that those impressions are amazing. I love all types of logo design styles and depending on your goals, we can work on finding the right style for you whether it be focused on typography, an icon, a sporty mascot, or a giant squid driving a race car with flame decals on the sides.

When you work with me on a new logo design, I'll send you a short form of questions to kick things off. This will help both of us start to define what you're looking for in the logo to determine it's style, content, and expected emotions when people see it. I then do some design research which includes looking at competitors and establishing the overall concept.

I provide a handful of solutions based on the goals and then refine the design after getting a first round of feedback from you. Once the logo is completed, I'll package all the logo files you'll need including .PNG, .Ai (vector source format), and .JPG formats.

Now you've got a kickass logo to start representing yourself on social, merch, matching tattoos.

jersey design

Nothing says "Damn, we look good." more than sharp looking jerseys. I've worked with many teams over the years on defining and designing their jerseys and it's amazing when you see it for real and in person.

My jersey design mockup service will result in a 4K resolution mockup image of the front and back designs of your jerseys. You can then use these designs to promote on social and on your shop.

This is a digital mockup service of the jerseys and is not the print format or actual physically made jerseys. Most jersey printers will have a print template and the mocked up design can be transferred into their print format for production. I can provide this design transferring service and some print companies can as well.

WEB design

In our online world, the quality of your website says a lot about your team or business. If it doesn't work great on mobile devices, doesn't load fast, or doesn't automatically install a virus that crashes Fortnite like my website does, I can help you with that! Kidding about the Fortnite thing, I don't even know what Fortnite is.

I use Figma, a really awesome design program, to plan and design all the websites and apps I work on which allows you to see live progress and leave comments throughout the process. I typically focus on UI/UX work for this service but I can also develop most simple websites including esport teams, streamer landing pages, products with ecommerce, etc.


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