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I remember watching Elevate play in big esport tournaments and their logo, which features a red mountain enclosed in a circle, was one of the most iconic and memorable designs out of the bunch. When Brandon and Zach of Elevate reached out to me to update their main icon, I was thrilled take on the challenge.

I spoke with Brandon at length about the mountain icon, it's symbolism, and how we could achieve a modern update to it without taking it too far away from its original glory. Their team provided me with their new typography (which is absolutely sick looking btw) and my task was to update their icon to match the new angular vibe.


Here's a look at how the Elevate logo and logotype looked before we kicked this rebranding project off:


We went through a handful of different mountain sketches and the design we all liked was very minimal and used a grid-based logo design system.

We really liked the way Concept 1 was looking. You may notice that in this new logo, I "zoomed" out to show a mountain range as opposed to the single mountain to highlight how far Elevate has expanded over the years. I also wanted to raise the focal point of the mountain to be centered in the circle as well as creating symmetry with the black points that run parallel with the mountain range. Here's the before and after:

This is the before and after of the logotype. I did not design this update but this new type style is what the new icon was based on.

Zach and team put together a really awesome Brand Identity presentation that goes into even more detail and examples of this new update. It was an absolute pleasure working with Brandon and Zach and I'm truly happy with how the new design looks.


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