Meg Turney

Cosplay Star logo design

The Project

Meg Turney is a globally recognized internet personality, model, vlogger, and cosplayer. Add to that impressive list after working with Creative Grenade for her new logo design, Twitch streamer. You can catch her live here most nights.

When Meg reached out for her new branding, we hopped on a call to discuss potential avenues we could take with the logo design. Having already known Meg from her Rooster Teeth hosting days, I knew she was big into hearts and her three awesome cats.

Meg Turney Logo

Focusing on the letter "M" for "Meg", we decided to fuse the theme of cats and a heart into the logo design. The entire brand for Meg Turney is based around light and inviting backgrounds with a slightly muted pink as her main brand color.

The entire project consisted of logo design, intro, Twitch scenes, alerts, panels, transitions, and more. I focused primarily on the logo design and parts of the Twitch scenes.

The heart in Meg Turney's logo design doubles as an animated area for alerts, using the negative space for the little cat.

Brand Colors

Bubble Gum
Snow Cat
Dark Plum

Meg Turney Merch

Once the logo design was completed, Meg Turney worked with various vendors/designers and had some pretty sweet merchandise created! I did not design these merch items but wanted to showcase how the logo design works across mediums.


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